Welcome to CoreEmbedded

CoreEmbedded is technology design house specializing in Internet of Things (IOT) and embedded domain. The company is startup focusing on design, development and end to end integration services for IOT and embedded space. Our development center in India provide cost effective services to embedded software outsourcing needs. CoreEmbedded's services help deliver mission-critical projects for clients. We partner with System integrators, OEMs and have different engagement models to address varying needs of our customers


A Wi-Fi enabled Smart Power Strip

Architecture Development

Developed End to End Architecture and Secure Interface Design

Hardware Design

Electronics Design, Assembly and Production by CoreEmbedded

Firmware Development

Developed Firmware and implemented Over the Air upgrades

Cloud Backend Software

Developed Scalable infrastructure and Cloud Software

Web/REST API Interface

Designed REST based Web API for control from Mobile Apps

Android App

Developed Android Application to control Smart power Strip

Recently Delieverd Projects

Some other projects recently completed by CoreEmbedded

SATA Driver

Developed Sata Driver for SIL 3124 chip on LynxOS 4.2

Porting on VxWorks 5.4

Wind River sensorpoint porting on VxWorks 5.4

VxWorks 6.9 SMBus Driver

SMBus driver on VxWorks 6.9 for Intel ICH7

VxWorks 6.9 BSP Development

Developed VxWorks 6.9 BSP on TI AM3358 board

VxWorks 6.9 Trainer Kit

Developed VxWorks 6.9 Hardware Trainer Kit

X11R6 porting

X11R6 library porting on Freescale i.mx257

DDC Mil-1553 64Bit Driver

Mil-1553 driver porting on VxWorks-64bit

Coreboot Development

Coreboot integration on Intel Bayleybay

ESP 8266 Firmware

Firmware Development on ESP 8266

Firmware on TI CC3200

Smart Socket Firmware Development on TI CC3200

OTA upgrade implementation

Over the Air upgrade implementation on TI CC3200

Mini HTTP Server

Minimal HTTP Server Development on ESP 8266