IOT Platform Solutions

We provide end to end IOT solution from idea stage to a finished product
We help our customers to make their ideas and concepts in to real products that includes
hardware design and prototypes, firmware development, cloud software stack and mobile app development

IOT Cloud Software Stack

Scalable Infrastructure Service

We provide scalable infrastructure setup services on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to handle millions of live devices that includes security setup, load balancers, server instance, health ping etc.

Device Interface

CoreEmbedded cloud software stack provides APIs to connect with devices using secure communication (128-bit AES) for configuration, control and data collection

Management Interface

CoreEmbedded cloud software stack provides management interface for device provisioning, operation and control

WEB/REST Interface

CoreEmbedded cloud software stack provides WEB/REST interfaces to control to control devices from Web portal and Mobile Applications

Data Analytics

We also provide data analytic services for business intelligence by analyzing data patters on collected data

IOT Firmware Development

Device Software Development

We develop device software for acquiring data on analog sensors, controlling actuators, sending data to cloud.

OTA Firmware Upgrades

We provide over the air firmware upgrade implementation on various IOT targeted hardware SoCs such as TI CC3200, ESP8266 etc

Configuration and Control

We implement Cloud interfacing API on device side to allow operations team to configure and manage device remotely with cloud

Secure Communication

We implement 128-bit AES encrypted communication for interfacing with Cloud interface

User Configuration Interface

Many of the IOT devices does not have visual interfaces. We provide mini HTTP server for device configuration at user end such as setting up WiFi SSID, password

IOT Hardware Prototype Development

Electronic Design

We develop Electronic Hardware Prototype for IOT devices very quickly for a working proof of concept. It includes

  • Prototype Design
  • PCB Design
  • Protype Assembly

Sample Software

We can provide hardware prototypes with sample software applications to quickly reach from idea stage to a proof of concept stage in days and weeks instead of months and years

IOT Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development

We provide mobile Application development, primarily targeted for IOT applications

Direct Device Commuication

We implement Mobile communication interface with IOT device to control the device directly

REST Based Communication

We implement REST interface to communication and control the IOT devices through cloud using Web services

IOT Startup Accelerator Program

We have IOT startup accelerator program, where we help other startups and fellow entrepreneurs to quickly
convert their idea in to a working prototype. This can help startups to go to next stage. We call it as accelerator
program as we help startups with low budget also but based on some equity. If you are a registered private limited
company and want to associate with us, please feel free to contact us: info (at)